CHANGED BY THE GAME, to Change the Game

It all started with a question, "How many outs?"

After moving to a new city and 8 years away from the game post-college, I  decided to join an LGBTQ+ slowpitch league to make new friends.  Soon after, I was playing 5 days a week and fell back in love with the game.  Despite my years of experience (or maybe because of it), I found myself constantly asking, “How many outs are there?”  Having to constantly ask the question is one thing, but the agony caused when a teammate makes a costly mental error because they didn't know how many outs there were is unbearable.

How come only the umpire has something to keep track of the outs???  Why isn't there a product for players, coaches, and fans? 

Well now there is!  Introducing the Know Outs Wristband by CHANGED BY THE GAME.

Through several iterations, I developed the Know Outs Wristband and decided to start CHANGED BY THE GAME to share it with the world.  I’m excited for you to try it and experience its functionality and the love for the game that it elicits.


Whether you use a Starter or Pro wristband, you will quickly experience how the Know Outs Wristband improves mental focus and can be a lifesaver when a fly ball is hit to the outfield and can't remember if you should tag up at second or run on contact.  A simple glance at your wrist could be the difference between scoring the game-winning run or being the 3rd out of the inning.


The Know Outs Wristband is also designed to be fashionable with unlimited color combinations to make sure you're looking good, on and off the field.  Make sure to get Know Outs Wristbands to match all your teams and just everyday outfits.