Product Description

Imagine your team just lost a pivotal game because someone forgot how many outs there were - OUCH! Now imagine that someone is you (or your child) - *heart drops*. 

The Know Outs Wristband helps players, coaches, and fans of baseball, softball, and kickball know the outs situation and avoid devastating mental mistakes.  It works like an abacus - simply slide an Out Loop over after each out, then return the Out Loops to the middle after the third out to start the next half-inning.

This wristband is the real MVP - you’ll wonder how you’ve been playing without it.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Create a wristband as unique as you with endless color combinations and personalize it with your number or initials.  Mix and match the interchangeable Out Loops to stay looking fresh! 
  • ADJUSTABLE: Each wristband is adjustable with multiple lengths to ensure the perfect fit; great for young growing athletes. Simply twist the button stud to adjust the button stud location and resize the wristband.
  • DURABLE: This waterproof wristband can withstand the dirt, sweat, rain, sun, and championship showers, and cleans up well to be worn every day.  
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Wear it off-the-field for its looks AND use it to track your water consumption, workout sets, golf strokes (be sure to add extra Out Loops), and more.
  • UNRIVALED: You won’t find anything like it - this handmade, patented wristband is the only out-tracking wristband on the market.